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Printing QR Codes with a “Quiet Zone”

April 24th, 2011 No comments

Do you know what the “quiet zone” means in terms of QR Codes? If you don’t, don’t feel bad, I will tell you here. The simple fact is that QR technology is gaining traction fast and there is a lot of good information that is mixed in with a lot of bad information.

Often overlooked in the whole campaign is the necessary “quiet zone” or area around the QR that should be left empty. In order for the QR Code reader to decode the QR properly, there needs to be a zone around the code that is empty and in fact, needs to be at a minimum 4 modules wide. This comes directly from the Denso specification and they created the code. It’s a simple concept that if overlooked can lead to a bad QR experience. Keep this in mind next time you send your QR to the printer to be printed:

See image below:

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