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Open APIs – Why you need them in 2012

Open … and Shut If the last decade was all about open source, the next decade will be about open APIs. However, as with open source, APIs aren’t necessarily a guarantee of billions in the bank. They’re simply the ante for playing the technology game…

Five Cool, Free Business Apps for Your New Smartphone

By Rick Broida, PCWorld Did Santa (a.k.a. the boss) bring you a new smartphone this year? Or maybe you decided to make the move from your trusty but aging BlackBerry to an Android phone or iPhone? Whatever the case, it’s time to add extra “smart”…

Five Open Source Technologies for 2012

By Joab Jackson, IDG News Next year, if all goes according to plan, Red Hat will become the first open source software company to generate more than US$1 billion a year in revenue. It will be a watershed moment for the open source community, who have long…



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