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QR Codes and the Idea of Free

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I have been reading a lot lately about QR Codes and how wonderful they are for marketing and ROI. I agree wholeheartedly — but, and there is a huge BUT. The QR Code in and of itself is only one small part of the total experience. If the end user experience isn’t thought of in advance, your QR campaign will end up being and exercise in wasted time with frustrated users that won’t come back. I cannot tell you how many times I have seen a beautiful ad with a QR Code that drives a user to a useless website. It’s like giving someone the keys to a Ferrari; only it’s the wrong key, and they can’t do anything with it. We at Meticul have thought long and hard about this and have developed a simple recipe for successful QR Implementation.

  1. Connect
  2. Engage
  3. Measure

What does this mean? Well the first part is simple. The Connection is the QR Code itself. Think of it as the key to unlock a virtually limitless world of content instantly.

Users with smartphones equipped with QR Readers will be rewarded with instant information including videos, coupons, maps – you name it, the content delivered is virtually limitless. It’s truly an incredible way to drive consumers to content and information.

Now here is the BUT about QR Codes. Part two of this model involves Engagement. And by engagement, I mean giving the user content that is optimized for their mobile device. Most websites were designed with your computer screen in mind, and therefore, do not “fit” on a mobile device’s screen. Additionally, if your website was designed with flash, it flat out wont work on ANY Apple Mobile devices – think iPhone and iPad, and it wont work on most others as well. There are some phones that will render flash, but most wont – so don’t use it for mobile.

Imagine trying to read a book or document through a keyhole. Websites that are not optimized for mobile devices will force users to abandon the site. Its unusable. So, QR Codes are awesome, but ONLY if the payoff or webpage is something they can actually use.

This is the single most overlooked part of the QR Plan. Most QR Codes and campaigns are used to direct the user to websites and other web related content. However, most websites aren’t optimized for viewing on mobile phones. There are over 5000 different handsets out there, most of which will not display your regular website in a manner that can be viewed on a mobile phone. Now think about this for a moment. You go get your “free” QR Code and link it to a website that cannot be viewed on most mobile devices.

So, essentially, by directing users to content that doesn’t work on their phones, you have simply wasted their time and in fact, turned them off to your brand. I cannot tell you how frustrating this will be for your users. So yes, you can find free QR Code creation tools out there, but free can be ugly if you don’t plan the for total experience and the payoff for the end user.

Lastly, if you get it right, you will see a nice response rate. The Measurement part is the payoff for your investment.  It’s ROI. And it can tell you when and where your graphics are being viewed.


Connect, Engage, and Measure.

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What are these QR Codes?

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